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ITA: Fei won Trophy Gazzetta 2012

by WoV
source: legavolley.it

Alessandro Fei was awarded the "Trophy Gazzetta 2012". The captain of Sisley Belluno starts the playoff phase with the prestigious prize of the daily national newspaper.



The award was introduced in 1973 by the journalist of the Italian volleyball, Carlo Gobbi. The “Trophy Gazzetta” is awarded to the best player in the regular season based on the results got in the competitions of Series A1 Sustenium, according to “La Gazzetta dello Sport”. At the end of the regular season, the player who has earned the most points wins the prize. Alessandro Fei has surpassed the competition with 103 points, discarding the second follower Ivan Zaytsev, who has got 91 points.

Here is the ranking to the tenth position: Juantorena (89), Simeonov (85), Omrcen (78), Vladimir Nikolov (74), Kaziyski (73), Vissotto (72), Zlatanov (70), Anderson, Dennis Diaz (69).

The prize was awarded to the spiker of Sisley Belluno in the first game of the quarterfinals of playoff between Sisley Belluno and Andreoli Latina, on Saturday, April 7.


1973 Barbieri; 1974, 1975, and 1976 Karov; 1977 Lanfranco; 1978 Koudelka; 1979 Lanfranco; 1980 Nekola; 1981 Bertoli; 1982 Kim Ho Chul; 1983 Dall’Olio; 1984 Hovland; 1985 Vullo; 1986 De Rocco; 1987 Anastasi; 1988 Conte; 1989 Quiroga; 1990 and 1991 Conte; 1992 Giani; 1993 Cherednik; 1994 Stork; 1995 and 1996 Fomin; 1997 Van der Meulen; 1998 Pascual; 1999 Sartoretti; 2000 Iakovlev; 2001 Sartoretti; 2002 Zlatanov; 2003 Wijsmans; 2004 Simeonov; 2005 Swiderski; 2006 Miljkovic; 2007 Anderson Rodrigues; 2008 Zlatanov; 2009 Rivaldo; 2012 Dennis; 2011 Wijsmans; 2012 Fei

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