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ITA M: Perugia like Sacramento Kings

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source: zurnal.rs; Photo: zurnal.rs

Do you know what is the connection between Sir Safety Perugia and Sacramento Kings? Well, it is simple actually. The whole Serbia supports them.

Slobodan Kovač


Serbs were cheering for Kings in the era of Predrag Stojaković and Vlade Divac, and now Slobodan Kovač, Goran Vujević, Aleksandar Atanasijević, Nemanja Petrić, Konstantin Čupković and Mihajlo Mitić created quite a fan base in their homeland.

People are talking about the great success of Perugia, and Sportski žurnal, leading local sports newspapers, made an interview with head coach Kovač.

When we were facing tough situations, we were united and played as a team. As most Serbs, we wanted to prove that everyone who didn’t believe in us are wrong. But, in the finals, we will have two Serbs on the other side of the net (laugh). Marko Podraščanin and Dragan Stanković represent the best tandem of middle blockers in the world. We will show the utmost respect, but we will try to stop them. We are ready for a long series” said Kovač.

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