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ITA M: Perugia answered to Giuliani – “LIES!”

by WoV
source: Photo: outdoorblog.it

Italian Championship might be over but it seems that the tension has just started!

Perugia vs. Macerata

Perugia vs. Macerata

After statements of Alberto Giuliani that assistant coach of Perugia entered the video room end spied on Macerata’s tactics before the first game of the finals, we have an answer from the other side.

Perugia has released an official statement:

“The accusations of Mr Giuliani are just childish, incorrect and shameful! No one has spied on his tactics! Those are all lies! We did not expect that Mr Giuliani will talk about this 20 day after the finals in which his team won the title. His team even won the trophy in our Arena and received an applause from Perugia fans… A true slip of coach who has just won the Scudetto.”

Shameful scenes from a volleyball country. 


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