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M: Perfect teams – Belogorie, HalkBank, Modena…

by WoV
source: Photo: belogorievolley.ru

Do you know which teams are still undefeated in domestic leagues? We will try to give you the answer. Firstly we go with men's category.



To start from the major leagues. In Russia, Belogorie has managed to beat all opponents in the first half of the season and reach the score 13-0! Very close to that achievement is HalkBank. Champions of Turkey have 9-0 so far, and need two more victories to round up the perfect streak in the first part of the season! When we speak about Italy, Modena is still undefeated with the score of 8-0, but we must mention that this club still has to play against Latina, Trentino, Verona and Lube…

We must not neglect Sada Cruzeiro who has 10-0 in Brazil, then AS Cannes with 9-0 in FranceBeijing with 7-0 in China and Olympiacos with 7-0 in Greece. Then we have a bit weaker championships in which Almeria has 8-0 in Spain, A. J. F. Bastardo 11-0 in Portugal, Tirol Innsbruck 10-0 in Austria, Liberec 9-0 in Czech Republic, Tomis Constanta 9-0 in Romania, Partizan 8-0 in Serbia, Landstede 12-0 in Netherlands

But the two absolute champions are ACH Volley which has 16 wins in a row in Slovenia (16-0) and Presov who has 18-0 in Slovakia!  

Check out perfect clubs in women’s category…

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