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ITA W: Conegliano – Zoppas Arena or goodbye to A1

by WoV
source: volleyball.it

Today the team from Conegliano backed the city Aadministration in to a corner with a press release involving the Zoppas Arena.


Zoppas Arena

In the release the top management of Imoco Volleyis ultimately determined to play the next season of A1 in Zoppas Arena in Conegliano or, if this isn’t possible, to withdraw its team from the competition.

A decision will mean the loss of all the investments they already made and paid for, “sports title, registration to the league, surety, and miscellaneous payments, for a total of 550,000 euros, in addition to contracts already signed with athletes amounting to an additional 800,000 euros“.

Therefore, if the City Administration doesn’t grant the availability of Zoppas Arena, “Imoco Volley will submit a request for damages to the Administration for not honoring the commitments signed by former Mayor Albert Manor and again guaranteed by the current mayor Floriano Zambon.

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