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ITA M: LUBE – “No more excuses! It cannot go on like this!”

by WoV
source: gazzetta.it; Photo: lubevolley.it

Fabio Giulianelli, Owner of Lube Company, stated that the volleyball team must start with good results immediately!




Lube stayed without one more trophy in Italy. The famous club got defeated in the semifinals of the Italian Cup, which came as a huge disappointment for everyone in the company. Therefore, Fabio Giulianelli, Owner of Lube Company, was very harsh toward the team in his interview for gazzetta.it.

“I do not want to hear about bad luck. It is absolutely essential to get out of this situation. I would be irresponsible, if I did not interfere. I have justified everything and everyone recently, despite the obvious failure in results. But, it cannot go on like this. This must end now! We must end the habit of making bad results. It is time to turn the page, to change some relations between the company and the team. Because, the results we have achieved so far are simply not acceptable,” stated Giulianelli and then continued:

“Since I am the manager of this club I take all the responsibility Surely, it has all happened because I was unable to transfer the winning mentality from our company to the volleyball team. But, as the team represents the company, the current situation is no longer tolerable. We lost the Cup, now we must change something or we will lose the championship and the Champions League as well.”

According to gazzetta.it, Giulianelli will hold a meeting with the team during the day. We will see what will be the outcome…


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