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ITA M: New victory for Trentino and Verona

by WoV

Diatec Trentino and Calzedonia Verona played new matches of the Italian Serie A1.



Diatec Trentino celebrated victory in away match against Biosi Sora who had their chance for tie-break but they couldn’t find the way to make the turnaround. After this win, Trentino are with 19 points while Sora is still on the bottom with only 3 points from 12 matches.

Once again the Serbian opposite Dusan Petkovic from Sora was the top scorer of the match with 22 points while the second Serbian player in this game, Uroš Kovačević scored 18 points for Trentino.

Verona and Castellana played postponed match in the third round and Calzedonia won in straight sets. Iranian attacker Mohammad Javad Manavinezhad was the top scorer with 22 points.

ITA National Championship 2017/2018 (Male)

13. 12. 17 20:30

CASTELLANA GROTTE           0        23    20  17

CALZEDONIA VERONA          3        25   25   25 

13. 12. 17 20:30

BIOSÌ SORA                       1     13   19  25   22

DIATEC TRENTINO              3     25   25  18  25

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