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CRO W: The Croatian women’s U16 national team qualified for the European Championships

by WoV

A drama that only volleyball can create, a game in five sets, a game that lasted a full 125 minutes - pure games!

Croatia U16 women's NT

Croatia U16 women’s NT

A match in which the stakes were enormous, qualifying for the European U16 Championships from 10 to 20 July in Slovakia and Hungary. A drama created by young Croatian women, beating their peers from Romania 3: 2 in sets, after losing 2-0 in sets. Could there be a more powerful drama?

Only then, after the calm coach, Miodrag Miki Stojaković, introduced all the players to the game by then, looking for the most cheerful individuals, the wheel of fortune began to turn in our direction. But, with substantial psychophysical spending, everything becomes apparent when you look at the points in sets.

This is a victory of desire, will, strength and not giving up “, said immediately after the match the pleased coach Miodrag Stojakovic, who with his professional staff, after many years, ensured the performance of our U16 women’s national team among the 12 best national teams in Europe.

I am proud of them because they did not give up until the end, although they were surprised how badly they opened the match in the first two sets. This is where the players got the result off the bench because I had to constantly look for the best players to play as a coach. And that is the excellent value of this national team because this is a well-chosen team. That is why it is first and foremost a victory for the collective. “

The placement at the European Championships will extend the summer for the whole generation because now they will have to prepare for the review of the best in Europe.

There are no weak rivals at the European Championship. There are already Italy, Serbia, Russia… there are really no weak ones, and we need to prepare well. I think that is an additional incentive for the girls because this is an opportunity for their generation. We believed that we could come to the EP, although we thought in a slightly more easier way, and now we have achieved that. And we will not be satisfied with just performing there, this national team has character and we will show that “, in the end, says the experienced coach Miodrag Stojakovic.

Croatia will play in Pool II against Slovakia, Italy, Romania, Bulgaria and Serbia.

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