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SUI: SAGRES NUC I 1 : 3 Volero Zurich I

by WoV
source: volerozuerich.ch

Volero Zurich I defeted SAGRES NUC I with 3:1 (16:25, 19:25, 25:18, 29:31).

Volero Zurich

Volero Zurich

Leading with 2:0 Volero Zurich had to fight for 3 points in the fourth game.

After almost 2 hours of intensive playing, Volero left the court of Neuchatel as the winner.
After two sets won by Zurich (25:16, 25:19), NUC managed after the break of 10 minutes to change the game in its favor.

In 3. set NUC took the lead and ultimately won with 25:18.

Then 700 spectators were witnesses of a real drama.

Hosts evened the result several times. At first, the team of coach Philipp Schütz led with 24:21 and then had chances for 3 match points.

However, in decisive moments NUC lost concentration and Volero ended the game in its favor (31:29).

For Volero it was the fourth victory in the fourth match of the final round.


Points for each player:

1. Jelena Alajbeg 24
2. Tijana Malesevic 16
3. Olga Sazhina 11
4. Patricia Schauss 7
5. Bojana Zivkovic 6
6. Aleksandra Petrovic 5
7. Nneka Onyejkwe 2

Set time (in minutes)
31, 24, 28, 35

700 spectators

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