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POL: Volleyball profile – Marcin Nowak

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source: pzps.pl author: Karolina Piotrowska

"There are no ideal volleyball player. There are some very good players, who have both the talent and the skills."

Volleyball profile - Marcin Nowak

Volleyball profile – Marcin Nowak

pzps.pl: You enjoy playing with whom in the first six? 
– With my whole first six of players, because I think we complement each other and we do it very well.

– What did you learn from sport and volleyball?
– Sport definitely teaches you regularity. Furthermore, it is a way of living and I would like my sons to experience it someday, too. I wish they would put the sport live into practice. 

– Any advice for the beginning volleyball players?
– Not to give up, because the beginning is always difficult. If you are ambitious you will surely reach your goal. 

– What are the features of an excellent volleyball player?
– There are no ideal volleyball player. There are some very good players, who have both the talent and the skills. A good player should have the following features: appropriate character, will to fight and express it on court. He should never give up and fight till the very end. If something goes wrong, he should not lose faith in his skills.

– What would you change in your sport career?
– There was a chance to stay in the national team and participate in their successes. I miss it a lot and I think it is not possible any more. 

– Anything you dislike in yourself?
– There are many such things, for ex ample heating too much. 

– Something that you like in yourself?
– It is hard to say. I think I am a reliable person.

– What would make you feel happy considering sport achievements?
– I would like to win a medal with the polish senior men’s national team.

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