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JPN M: Yu Koshikawa – “For what have we fought along with Sato”

by WoV
source: Photo: zimbio.com

Late last month, Gary Sato was fired by the JVA after a little less than a year since he took over as head coach for the men’s national team.

Yu Koshikawa

Yu Koshikawa

The Receiver Yu Koshikawa summarized his emotions on this matter via his Twitter account Wednesday, saying, “What was the past year for?”

“Sato wasn’t given time for preparation, he wasn’t able to select players on his own, and they asked him to come up with results in half a year? It’s just too tough on Gary,” the JT Thunders player wrote. “And for what have we fought along with Gary?”

The new head coach is Nambu Masashi.

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