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Balkan Volleyball Association defines schedule of upcoming events

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The Balkan Volleyball Association (BVA) held its yearly technical meeting this weekend at “Volley Hotel” in Istanbul discussing there a series of technical and marketing issues with a first working session that was joined also by the delegates responsible for Beach Volleyball.



The representatives of all member countries started by going through the minutes of the previous meeting whose analysis was followed by the approval of the agenda worked out for this weekend.

The program continued with separate sessions for Volleyball and Beach Volleyball whereby venues and dates of the various tournaments scheduled for this year were discussed and finalized, especially as far as the youth and pre-youth Balkan Champs are concerned.

Other technical issues were discussed by the delegates, like the competition formula, the height of the net and some more items related to the youth tournaments that are always the main highlight of the activities sponsored and governed by the BVA. 

Sunday’s sessions were more devoted to marketing and communication items with the BVA having shortlisted 6 proposals after a contest was launched to design a brand new logo for the association.

Additionally, marketing and communication strategies were defined in order to draw as much attention as possible from the public and the media for all BVA competitions that are to follow later this year.

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