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First foreign player in Philippines – “My dream is to play Asian champions league”

by WoV

The Montenegrin player Ognjen Betić is the first volleyball foreigner in history of Philippines. After two seasons in Serbian Winer Stadtsiche league, the 20-year old boy decided to accept the offer from Asian country. Here is the story of the first foreign player in Philippines:

Ognjen Betić

Ognjen Betić

“People from Ateneo de Manila University volleyball team (ADMU) from capital city Manila (Philippines) saw my video, than they checked my data and highlights from last season, and that is the way how they found me.

I accepted the offer. We made a deal to play for their university team and to study there. That made me to become the first foreign volleyball player in the Philippines. I arrived here at September the 16th. I am feeling like at home. A lot of people want to see me, and they send me welcome messages on Twitter and Facebook account. ADMU has one of the highest reputations in Philippines, country with about 90 million people. It has a big reputation in the world. People from board of the University are very kind and helpful.

The facilities for training are perfect, together with coaches, who have a great volleyball knowledge, and medicals team expertise. There is a big and well organized team of people who makes it all professional. I am middle blocker, but although I play that position i have to change it to outside hitter, because i want to continue my volleyball career after university. Reasons for changing are my height and other features. And I hope that hard work, discipline and experienced coach can help me to reach my goal. This is a place where you have to take an opportunity to improve yourself like a person, a student and especially like an athlete. “Harder” part of this is adjustment on high humidity percentage, very warm weather, food, time zone, habits and people. Everything is opposite than things in Europe, especially than Serbia where I played two years.

My friends know that while I was younger, before any idea to go to Philippines, I talked them about my dream to play Asian Champions league. I think that everything happens with some reason. My plan and wish after a four year long studying is to continue my career in eastern Asia, in Indonesia or Japan…” said Ognjen Betić...

WoV wishes him to achieve his life and volleyball goals…


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