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WC M: Argentina is Conte! Canada’s efforts not enough, South Americans win

by WoV
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Argentina faced a tough rival on the eight day of the World Cup in Japan, but despite having some troubles, it prevailed them and scored very important win to stay in race for Rio Olympics 3-1 (25-21, 23-25, 29-27, 25-22). Facundo Conte scored 25 in the winning team while Daniel Jansen collected 20 in Canada.

Conte (No. 7)

Conte (No. 7)

It wasn’t all fabulous for Argentinians at the start of the game as Hoag destroyed their reception, disabling them to organize a proper attack. Canada took 5-2 lead. With a spike – block combination, Conte pulled Argentina ahead for 4-0 run at 5-7, while Perrin was unrecognizable on the other side, making too many errors. Argentina took 16-12. On Argentinian 21-16 lead, Canada woke up, approached to 22-20, again thanks to Hoag’s serves, but Argentina kept its momentum 25-21.

If anyone thought that Canada couldn’t repeat play with so many errors in Set 2, they were wrong. Argentina took 5-0 lead at the start! Canadians made a 3-0 run at 11-5 that kept them alive and it will turn out to be crucial (11-8). Canadian duo JansenSchmitt started to put some extraordinary shots on Argentinian side and Canada equalized 16-16! Then, the real battle started…  Perrin took over for Schmitt and Jansen, had a spiking duel with Conte and won it, as well as Canada won the set 25-23.

The next set was one of the most dramatic at the World Cup in general! Canada was impressive having 4-1 lead, but Argentina made a turnover on the first TTO 8-7. South Americans couldn’t make a proper serve, giving the opponent a solid 13-9 lead. Palacios brought freshness into Argentinian play, while Perrin was on fire in Canada 21-19. Argentina had 3-0 run on 21-23 to have set ball number one, but eventually converted set ball number three 29-27.

Conte was amazing in first three sets, but in the fourth, it was Solé’s turn to make a mark 4-1. Argentina maintained a three-point lead for a long time (12-9) to increase it at the best possible time (20-15). Conte finished it in style 25-22.

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