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LIVE from Rotterdam: Clockwork Orange! Guidetti’s girls are going to the finals!

by WoV

Simply impressive performance of the home team! Netherlands defeated Turkey in straight sets and qualified for the EuroVolley finals!!!

Guidetti with girls celebrating

Guidetti with girls celebrating

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Orange celebration in Rotterdam! Netherlands are in the finals of EuroVolley 2015! Home side played a perfect game. Lonneke Sloetjes was amazing in attack, Anne Buijs made numerous fantastic serves, Robin De Kruijf dominated on the net… But the whole team also showed a winning character. Dutch girls managed to save two set points in the third set and then to finish the match for huge joy of the home crowd. 


Game Date/Time Teams Set Result per set Stats Videos
Semifinal 1 03. 10. 2015 15:30 The Netherlands ( W ) vs Turkey ( W ) 3:0 25:22; 25:18; 28:26 STAT  
Semifinal 2 03. 10. 2015 18:30 Russia ( W ) vs Serbia ( W ) 3:1 25:23; 25:23; 21:25; 25:22 STAT

Check out play by play game coverage of the first semifinal. 

SET 3:

5:2, What a rally! Gizem with two amazing saves, but Sloetjes scores at the end

8:4, Was that a head-block? De Kruijf made a wall and Netherlands is way in front at the 1st TTO

9:4, Buijs continues with great performance, unstoppable attack

11:5, Sloetjes Do we already have the first finalist?

14:9, Home side is marching toward the straight sets win…

16:10. Netherlands have +6 at the 2nd TTO 

17:14, Turkey managed to decrease the margin…

18:16, Gozde was good at the net, it is getting interesting

19:18, Great block, look at the score!

20:18, But another service mistake of Turkish team in crucial moments

20:19, Kubra Akman scores

20:20, Sloetjes sends the ball out of bounds!

20:21, Ace serve by Gozde!!! What a comeback by Turkey

21:21, Big mistake of Turkey and lot of lick for Netherlands. Once again there was no one to spike the ball!

21:22, THE BEST POINT OF THE GAME! Two out-of-this-world saves by Grothues, but Turkey used the third chance to win a point.

22:23, One point per each side…

23:23, Sloetjes ties the score with great spike

23:24, Set point for Turkey!

24:24, Buijs saves Netherlands

24:25, Gozde with smart spike

25:25, Sloetjes has an answer. Everybody are standing in the Arena

26:25, BIG BLOCK! Match point!

26:26, The score is tied again!

27:26. SLOETJES!

28:26, WHAT A BLOCK! It’s over – The Netherlands are in the finals!

Netherlands in finals

Netherlands in finals


2:0, Netherlands with great opening of the 2nd set

3:3, Eda Erdem is having an excellent game for Turkey

5:5, still all tied

8:6, Ace by Anne Buijs and Netherlands once again have +2 at 1st TTO

11:6, Great block then another ace by Buijs , home side is on fire

12:7, Turkey call for a time-out

12:9, Gozde scores, Turkey reduces the margin

14:9, The home side regain +5, Turkey call the second time-out

16:10, Amazing rally and point by Buijs! Netherlands have huge lead at the 2nd TTO

16:13, Turkey try to get back into this match. Netherlands forced to call a time-out

19:13, Flier scores, then Turkish players make mistake

20:14, Unbelievable save by Gizem, but in vain! Flier scores again 

21:14, Block by De Kruijf, Netherlands are cruising toward the win in the 2nd set

22:14, Manon Flier is unstoppable at the moment

24:17, Seven set points for the home side

25:18, Big fail by Turkish players. Naz made a set but no one was able to rech that ball… Neterlands Turkey 2-0



SET 1:

0:2, Turkey won the two opening points. Home fans do not like this…

3:3, superspike by Anne Buijs for big joy at Ahoy Arena 

4:3, first lead of Netherlands! Sloetjes with amazing kill

8:6, two great serves of Buijs and Netherlands have +2 at the 1st TTO

9:9, it’s all tied at the moment

11:10, Turkey have to improve serve, too many mistakes

12:13, Neriman scores and theaway team is in front again

14:13, fantastic save by Grothues, Netherlands regain the lead

16:14, Sloetjes hammers the ball again, Dutch team have +2 at the 2nd TTO

17:15, one point for each side after the break

18:17, fantastic digging from the Turkish team! Ozsoy scores at the end 

19:17, you should have seen celebration of Dutch team after this point! Great pipe from Buijs 

20:17, Uslupehlivan sends the ball out of bounds, time out Turkey

21:17, one more for th home side! Again Sloetjes! Turkey forced to call another time-out.

22:18, Netherlands need 3 more points to win the 1st set

23:19, Turkey had several chances to approach to -2, but at the end Sloetjes punished them with huge spike

23:21, it’s not over! Turkey scores twice in a row, time-out Netherlands

24:21, Buijs scores, home side have 3 set points

25:22, Robin De Kruijf uses the second one! Netherlands Turkey 1-0! 

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