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ITA W: Bosetti – Those 5 centimeters…

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Lucia Bosetti plays for Italy with her sister Catherine:"I do not feel strange about it, this year we played in the same team, when we play together i don't look at her as my sister but as my teammate".


Caterina Bosetti

When asked if her sister is better than her she responds: “No comment. We’re both good, but in a different way. Outside and inside the field, we have different personalities. I am more reserved, she is more whimsical. When we play, I’m more reflective, she is more impulsive.

Caterina Bosetti was also asked about the presence of her sister Lucia in the national team.

Being a teammate of my sister at the beginning was strange. I was not accustomed to being near my family during the games, they were always far away and I used to talk about it with them on the phone.

We can help each other, not only in difficult times, even in small things. We can tell each other ‘I miss my mother,’ or we can share the shampoo, things like that.

We’re different players, I’m more useful on the front line, she is on the second. She has more confidence in defense, I am more effective in attack. Our five centimeters of difference (1.75m Lucia, Catherine is 1.79) make a difference.

In the family we were taught the technique in the same way but our physical characteristics made us play different roles.

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