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From which planet are you?! 1st tempo that will freeze blood in your veins (VIDEO)

by WoV
source: instagram.com/volley_pictures

This youngster gave homework to many middle blockers despite the fact that his natural position is receiver/outside hitter!


This video came from Canadian U18 league and the name of a guy is Sharone Vernon-Evans. He is playing for Canada’s Youth National Team and U17 Beach Volleyball NT and has the highest spiking reach in U16 category – 3.73m!

During one rally, Vernon-Evans stepped to the position of a middle blocker and finished it with 1st tempo. But, he jumped so high that, at the moment of a spike, his body from the chest upwards was above the net!

He did not only give homework to all Canadian prospects, but for worldwide scouts, too…


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Boy February 16, 2016 - 3:39 pm

This guy is named
Sharone Vernon-Evans, who is from Canada. He plays for 18Us now and he is not a middle, he is a wing spiker.
Many scouts already know of him because he played for the Canada Youth National Team.
And he also represented Canada for U17s beach.
He is also known because he had the highest reach for 16s, which was 12′ 3′


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