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WoV Dream Team 2016: The Final Round!

by WoV

The grand finale of our Poll has started! Who will enter the WoV Dream Team 2016?



Everything will be decided in the next 7 days. The third and the final round of WoV Dream Team 2016 Poll will officially end on Sunday, June 12, on midnight, while the players with the most votes in the that moment will find their place in the ideal lineup of the 2015/16 season.

This is the current situation with votes.



Setters: Benjamin Toniutti (Zaksa) 8176, Bruno Rezende (Sesi/Modena) 7799.

Opposites: Bartosz Kurek (Asseco Resovia) 9467, Ivan Zaytsev (Dinamo Moscow) 6508.

Receivers: Michal Kubiak (HalkBank/Panasonic Panthers) 8448, Earvin Ngapeth (Modena) 4291, Wilfredo Leon (Zenit Kazan) 2220, Matt Anderson (Zenit Kazan) 1016.

Middle Blockers: Kevin Le Roux (HalkBank/Modena) 4822, Seyed Mousavi (Sarmayeh Bank) 4489, Lukas Saatkamp (Modena/Sesi) 3361, Robertlandy Simon (Rush & Cash/Sada Cruziero) 3303.

Libero: Pawel Zatorski (Zaksa) 9346, Jenia Grebennikov (Lube) 6629.


Setters: Katarzyna Skorupa (Fenerbahce) 4395, Naz Aydemir (VakifBank) 3636.

Opposites: Nataliya Goncharova (Dinamo Moscow) 4091, Margaretha Kozuch (Pomi Casalmaggiore) 3940.

Receivers: Anna Werblinska (Chemik Police) 3035, Kim Yeon-Koung (Fenerbahce) 2435, Tatiana Kosheleva (Dinamo Krasnodar) 1569, Zhu Ting (Henan/VakifBank) 992.

Middle Blockers: Stefana Veljković (Chemik Police) 2898, Milena Rašić (VakifBank) 2085, Robin de Kruijf (VakifBank/Conegliano) 1542, Thaisa Menezes (Osasco) 1506.

Libero: Bredna Castillo (Lokomotiv Baku) 4397, Fabiana de Oliveira (Rexona) 3634.


Recall that 1 setter, 1 opposite, 2 receivers, 2 middle blockers and 1 libero with the most votes will enter the WoV Dream Team 2016.

So, hurry up and VOTE, VOTE, VOTE for your favorite players HERE.

Do not forget that you can also vote via SOCIAL NETWORKS.  


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