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POL M: Christmas break for Asseco Resovia

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Polish volleyball champions, just like the other players in PlusLiga teams already Dec. 26 will return to training. Some of Asseco Resovia players for Christmas went straight after Saturday's game against Jastrzębski WEGIEL. This and other volleyball news read on Worldofvolley.com.


Asseco Resovia players

“I will be spending Christmas with relatives in a family house in Wałbrzych” Asseco Resovia libero says. “Hang out with a family and a little bit allow the battery to recharge to the next stage of the competition. We know that later we will accelerate again, and this will again be playing a lot, because we have to play in PlusLiga, and the Champions League and the Polish Cup. Christmas will be so for us the last moment of respite” says Krzysztof Ignaczak, who admits that in recent years the holiday season dominated by commercialism.

“Christmas is a very cool thing and an important moment for the family” said the Asseco Resovia attacker, Zbigniew Bartman. “This is the time of meetings with loved ones, with whom we have not seen for a long time – especially as it is in our case. But that’s what happens a few years around Christmas irritates me, and I’m against that. As early as mid-November starts tuning streets, Christmas trees, Santa Claus advertising on TV, etc. It is my paranoia, doing commerce with something that should be very intimate to each family that spends time amongst themselves and not have to take part in this race presents, shopping, etc. This should not be, and I’m opposed to the whole commercial coating. I’m trying to cut and do not participate in it” says Bartman, who will spend Christmas with his family in the capital. “Christmas Eve and half of the first day I will spend with my parents, my sister, who came from France and his grandmother in Warsaw. As for the second half of the first day, I have an idea”, tells attacking team from Rzeszow.

In the long journey after a game in the Jastrzębie expected Maciej Dobrowolski. “I have to travel to Olsztyn over 500 km and the 2-3 days at home. I am happy even with this short period” Asseco Resovia setter said. In Rzeszów will spend Christmas the other foreigners who are in the Polish champions  team: Nikola Kovacevic (considered a family car trip Kraljevo, but one-way trip would take more than 10 hours), Paul Lotman and Jochen Schöps. “Certainly not go away with my wifes and my familie in the U.S., because it’s too long journey. We have agreed with the Jochen Schöps and his girlfriend that we spend Christmas together. It should be fun” ends Paul Lotman.

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