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POL W: “Players are not slaves” – said Skowrońska-Dolata

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source: skowronska.pl

After the idea of punishing players for not playing for National team went public, many reactions of Polish players appeared immediately. One of them is from Katarzyna Skowrońska-Dolata, captain of Women’s National team.



I have to admit that I’m not surprised, because I expected that the relationship finally reach the most serious arguments. But, I doubt the effectiveness of this method. Because players are not slaves and if someone does not want to play, the coach will have a greater benefit from it. If someone is forced to play, what do you think, will he or she really give the whole heart on the court? I think it is better to arrive at the training camp with a smile on the face” – said SkowrońskaDolata.

Experience player added:

Also, you can’t put everyone in the same boat. There are different situations. Some of the girls were not in the team because they really had health problems. After all, we all know who is not playing in the national team because don’t want to, and who really can’t . No one, however, will say that loud – concluded SkowrońskaDolata.

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