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POL W: Sopot of Chiappini and Negro Champion of Poland

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Atom Sopot of Chiappini and Negro exceeded Muszyna in tie-break. The center Dziękiewicz Eleanor was elected MVP of the match (23 points with 68% in attack, 6 blocks and 2 aces). Ssuschke was also excellent with 61% in attack.

Atom Trefl Sopot

Atom Trefl Sopot

In 1. set Sopot made the decisive break from the start from 5:6 to 11:6 thanks to Dziękiewicz.

To the second technical time-out Sopot was leading with 16:10. Then Ssuschke (17:10) and Hodge increased the advantage to 19:11. With Rourke and Kasprzak instead of Kaczor and Werblinska, Muszyna improved the score. However, the advantage of Sopot remained consistent up to 23:17. Then Muszyna made a break with 5 points (23:22), but Sopot closed the set with 25:22.

In 2. set Sopot took the advantage thanks to Hodge of 8:6, 16:13 and 20:16. Bednarek turned the situation blocking Sieczka (24:21) and Ssuschke (24:22). Then the counterattack of Werblinska (24:23) and the block on Sieczka evened the result (24:24). With the ace of Rourke, Muszyna won with 27:25.

In 3. set Muszyna led with 9:12. The ace of Dziękiewicz reduced the difference (12:13). In the other part of the set, Sopot took the lead thanks to Dziękiewicz (22:20) and Hodge 23:21. Stam reversed the situation (23:24) and Muszyna closed the set with 25:27.

In 4. set the score was even until 5:5. Then the ace of Kozuch and the excellent performance of Hodge and Ssuschke made the break of 5 points (10:5). Sopot took the advantage thanks to Ssuschke (from 11:8 to 17:8). Then Sieczka (22:11, 23:11) and Dziękiewicz (25:13) led Sopot to winning the set.

In 5. set the error of Hodge made the the first break (1:3), but 3 consecutive blocks of Sopot reversed the situation 6:4.
Atom took the lead 9:5, but the set was reopened with the error of Glass (9:7) and 2 blocks on Kozuch: 9:9. Then Dziękiewicz scored 10:9 and the blocks of Kozuch (11:9) and Dziękiewicz led to 12:9. Ssuschke closed the set with 15:11.

Final: Game 4 (March 27)

Atom Trefl Sopot – Bank BPS Muszynianka Fakro Muszyna 3:2 (25:22, 25:27, 25:27, 25:13, 15:11) Series: 3:1

Atom Trefl Sopot: Glass 3, Sieczka 8, Dziękiewicz 23, Kozuch 20, Hodge 21, Ssuschke-Voigt 13, Maj (L); Saad 0
Did not enter: Konieczna, Belcik, Wilk, Tokarska
Coach: Chiappini

Bank BPS Muszynianka Fakro Muszyna: Sadurek-Radecka 6, Stam-Pilon 12, Bednarek-Kasza 8, Kaczor 1, Baranska-Werblinska 9, Wensink 13, Zenik (L); Rabka 0, Djurisic 0, Rourke 16, Kasprzak 7
Did not enter: Gajgal
Coach: Serwinski
MVP: Dziękiewicz

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