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POL W: Chemik ’spoiled’ derby and demolished Muszynianka

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The match of Orlen League’s 17 round in Muszyna was supposed to be a derby, but the visitor didn’t think so.

Muszynianka - Chemik

Muszynianka – Chemik

The clash between Polski Cukier Muszynianka and KPS Chemik Police was for the top spot in the standings. Nevertheless, it wasn’t a great spectacle.

Home team faced the Polish champion and the leader on the tbale and had a chance to dethrone them from the first place on the table by winning, but Chemik’s players took the role of teachers, giving a harsh lesson to the opponents.

With this win, Polish title holder enlarged its advantage in the standings to 4 points comparing to Muszynianka and most probably secured place No.1 before the playoff.

Ana Bjelica was in the best mood in Chemik with 19 while Karolina Różycka scored 9 points in Muszynianka.

Regular Season / / 17th round

Game Date/Time Teams Set Result per set Stats Videos
  24. 01. 2015 18:00 PGNiG Nafta Piła ( W ) VS KS Developres SkyRes Rzeszów (W) 0:3 19:25; 18:25; 22:25    
  24. 01. 2015 18:00 SK Bank Legionovia Legionowo ( W ) VS KS KSZO Ostrowiec Świętokrzyski ( W ) 0:3 22:25; 16:25; 11:25    
  24. 01. 2015 18:00 Budowlani Łódź ( W ) VS KS Palac Bydgoszcz ( W ) 3:0 25:22; 25:23; 25:21    
  25. 01. 2015 14:45 Polski Cukier Muszynianka ( W ) VS KPS Chemik Police ( W ) 0:3 17:25; 21:25; 14:25    
  26. 01. 2015 17:00 Tauron Banimex MKS Dabrowa Gornicza ( W ) VS PGE Atom Trefl Sopot ( W ) 0:0      
  26. 01. 2015 18:00 BKS Aluprof Bielsko-Biała ( W ) VS Impel Wroclaw ( W ) 0:0      


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