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POL M: Jochen Schöps misses out entire season!

by WoV
source: siatka.org; Photo: Dominika Przybyło/Siatkowka24.pl

Recovery of German opposite Jochen Schöps from surgery of a shoulder performed on December 1 goes according to plan, but everything indicates that until the end of the season he won’t be able to help his teammates from the Polish team Asseco Resovia Rzeszów.




“Mentally I’m focused on six months of break, and that is a long period of time. Maybe I could speed it up, but both doctors and physiotherapists urged me to be patient and say that if I want my shoulder back into such a state as before the injury, it is better to wait three or four weeks longer. There is no point of going back on force and too early, until my shoulder is not fully operational and ready for the effort. Therefore it is more likely that I will return to the club for next season,” Schöps explained.

Recall that Schöps suffered unfortunate shoulder injury in the elevator in Romania being there for the CEV Champions League game with Resovia.


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