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POL M: Kłos – „Half of league doesn’t like Conte, but he’s very nice guy“

by WoV
source: przegladsportowy.pl; Photo: Radosław Jóźwiak/Cyfrasport/przegladsportowy.pl

Volleyball mastery cannot be denied to Argentinian player from PGE Skra Bełchatów, Facundo Conte. But, sometimes he likes to do some things on the field that resemble to unsportsmanlike conduct.



When adrenaline overwhelms his body and mind during intense games, Conte slightly annoys opponents with provocative behavior. Even his teammates are aware of that.

„Facundo is quite a controversial guy. Let’s say that in the club, in general, he is a very nice and pleasant person, but when he goes out on the field and is on the other side of the opponents, he turns into a nice animal and does not give anyone up. He also shows how confident he is. He is simply that kind of person. I know that half the league does not like him, but ’Facu’ is really a very nice guy. I would give my left nut for him,“ Skra’s middle blocker Karol Kłos said for przegladsportowy.pl with a smile.


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