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POL M: PGE Skra BELCHATOW – Effector Kielce, match impressions

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PGE Skra Belchatow defeated Effector Kielce 3:1 (25:19, 25:22, 20:25, 25:22) in the match of the eighth round in the PlusLiga. "I think we can be satisfied with our position" said the visiting team coach Dariusz Daszkiewicz.



Michael Kozlowski (Captain Effector Kielce) “Congratulations to the team from Belchatow. We know today what should we do to win. Who has a good serve wins games. We had a very good serve only in the third set, where we rejected the team from Belchatow on the grid and we made a few block in that time. Serve won today, and unfortunately today Belchatow was better team”.

Mariusz Wlazły (captain PGE Skra Belchatow) “Thank you for the congratulations. We really wanted to win and of course we are pleased with it”.

Dariusz Daszkiewicz (coach Effector Kielce) “First of all, congratulations to the team from Belchatow, which won a marathon volleyball. They play practically all the time. I must take notice that they can focus on every game. Either they play with Dinamo Moscow or us. This focus is all the time, which was evident the element of they play. There are a few players who can hit very hard and this made advantage today. I think we can be satisfied with our position in today’s meeting. We have not surrendered and we have taken the fight, we tried with all our strength to face the team of Belchatow. At present, the host is the better team and it showed”.

Jacek Nawrocki (PGE Skra coach) “Thank you Dariusz for the warm words and also reminder for a good game today Effector Kielce team had. We left today whitout Alex, it is very charged meetings and looking for moments when you can relax. Wytze Kooistra is designed to play in that position. Of course, if we wanted to look for an alternative that would be a sure Mariusz, but we try to every minute of the party treat him. It is not easy because of the heavy burden that the team has, and the player must play in every game. As for the game, I would have called attention to one thing – we won the first set and in the second we had a pretty big advantage. Unfortunately, somewhere back there was deconcentration. Loss of a large advantage, is something that we also happened in to match with the Jastrzebiem and then, unfortunately, another weak set. We need to pay attention to this and the next time even more, even more efficiently to play regardless of the outcome, regardless of whether we are in a large loss, or advantages”.

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