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WL M: Igor Kolakovic – Volleyball in Russia is of the highest quality

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Serbia’s head coach Igor Kolakovic shared his thoughts of Russia’s and his national team and his expectations of this year’s World League. Igor commented Nikola Kovacevic's season in Asseco Resovia. WorldofVolley brings you the latest volleyball news.


Igor Kolakovic

Last year Serbia played with a lot of young players and now you played with your strongest team?

Last year we were fighting to qualify for the Olympic Games and at the same time we played in the World League. All of our thoughts were on London, so in the World League played with younger players.

Nikola Kovacevic didn’t have a great season with Asseco Resovia, but for the national team of Serbia he was “flying“! How did you get him in such great shape?

Nikola is a great player, but he has a complex character. He played for our national team for a very long time, and I as a coach, had no problems with him. I’m sorry that Nikola had an unsuccessful season with Asseco, but he trains well and always as you said “flies” for the national team.

Volleyball fans are concerned about Milos Nikic. When will he return?

Unfortunately, Milos’ injuries require immediate treatment, so he can’t join our team. From Russia, he came with a shoulder injury, so we do not want to risk worsening his injury.  He is in Belgrade, training individually but he’s not ready to play.

Have you watched Russia’s game against Iran? What can you say about the new Russian squad?

Yes, I saw the game. I want to say that Russia still has a lot of great players. Russia is a large country with a huge selection of fine players. Volleyball is popular, is of the highest quality and if it were possible to collect three teams of Russia, they would all fight for medals.

We believe Serbia is Russia’s main rival in the group, while giving tribute to the Italians. What do you think? And what do you think of your team?

We hope to find the place on the Final six in Argentina

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