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RUS F: Tiumen-Tiumgu – Dynamo (Krasnodar) – 3:1 (25:18, 21:25, 25:16, 25:13).

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The game easily started on the hosts’ court. Chachina Margarita, the diagonal player, had a great debut. By the first technical timeout she scored six points, three of which were earned on the court - 8:3. The guests allowed a large number of errors that their rivals comfortably used. Already in the middle of the set the coach of Dynamo Valeri Losev substituted Anna Malishenko for Darya Zinchenko.

Tiumen-Tiumgu- Dynamo (Krasnodar) - 3:1 (25:18, 21:25, 25:16, 25:13).

Tiumen-Tiumgu- Dynamo (Krasnodar) – 3:1 (25:18, 21:25, 25:16, 25:13).

First set

The difference in result has continued to grow – 16:8. Attempts of guests to overtake the opponent did not succeed. Tiumen in the end made some unforced errors, but surely won – 25:18.

Second set

The start of the second set was marked by even play. The hosts, Marisa Fernandez and Maria Brunceva played successfully, and in “Dinamo” Tatiana Kosheleva was noticed with her clever attacks . In the middle of the set Tiumen made a successful rise in game, after which the score was 13:9. When the gap reached five points, it seemed that also in this set they would win. But then suddenly the players of Igor Gaidabura started playing bad. The reception was weak, followed by errors in the attack and the block of the opponent. The score of 18:12 changed to 18:20. The players of Krasnodar got courage. Tiumen-Tiumgu could not recover from this knockdown and lost the set- 21:25.

Third set

In the third set, Chachina recalled herself. After her two consecutive aces the hosts reduced the gap to three points. Igor’s stability in the actions of players was not valuble. Both teams got some points in a row. To the second technical timeout Tiumen was leading with – 16:12. And this time the players of Gaidabura have not lost the advantage. They ended the set, winning 25:16.

Fourth set

The fourth set began again with a lead of Siberian team – 6:1. “Dinamo” continued making many errors, and Tiumen played with a great spirit. The gap has grown like yeast and reached ten balls – 14:4. On the court the hosts bravely won the set, gaining the great victory over one of the leaders of the championship.

Best players

The best players were Marija Brunceva and Daria Vekshina.

Igor Gaidabura, the head coach of Tiumen-Tiumgu:

The girls had a big wish to win. They prepared very well for this duel, and were eager to make up for the defeat in the last round in Saratov. The whole team functioned very well and unanimously. I am grateful to the players for showed character. In the eyes of their fans, they played a good game and won well-deserved victory.

Valeri Losev, the head coach of the VC “Dynamo” (Krasnodar)

Our team got into a difficult situation. Two major players, on whom we rely, were injured. Substitutions that have come into the court, cannot replace them. Darija Chikrizova is still very young, Anna Malishenko has recently joined the team. We lost because we had a lot of poor-quality actions. In such situations is difficult to realize the chances for attack. The game was not complete.

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