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RUS W: Kosheleva – ”Pankova and Marichev were key”

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source: volleyball.sport-express.ru: Photo: volleyball.sport-express.ru

Until Kosheleva only three Russian players in history achived the same - Valentina Ogienko, Irina Ilichenko and Evgenia Artamonova. But neither of their paths to title was as hard as Kosheleva's. Only six months ago she wasn't even sure to return to volleyball and now she is on top of the Europe.


Tatiana Kosheleva

Were Germans to weak in finals?

”Absolutely not. They fought well and strong until the very end. We just had nerves and character to beat them.”

Was the crowd a too large of a factor?

”It was not a factor to me personally but it was as loud as it gets. But it all comes down to individual player. Myself, I don’t care about it. Just don’t lose your head and listen to coach. It’s that simple.”

You won third set with 7% ideal reception, how is that possible?

”It’s all Kata Pankova. She is so amazing i can’t even describe. She can pass the ball from every position and make it very easy for the attacker. She is the most important part of our team.”

And role of the coach, Marichev?

”He pulled us to the limit. Even though there are times when we are angry because he is so demanding, we knew that it will pay off. And it did. His system proved to be great and gave us the gold.”

Who could assume that you will be MVP after spring time?

”Nobody knows what i went through except for my husband, my agent and my family. I want to thank them and Dynamo Moscow who gave me a place to train and recover when I had no club, no contract. I will never forget that and I will do everything in my power to bring Dynamo to top of Europe and World.”

What was the main strength of Russian tema?

”Unity, atmosphere, team spirit. We were as one and coaching staff contributed a lot. We were ready to do anything for each other.”

MVP for the EuroVolley 2013 – Tatiana Kosheleva.

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