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ECH M: Hero of the tournament – Dmitriy Muserskiy

by WoV
source: Photo: cev.lu

Do you like Marvel comics? Well either way, there is a fictional character named Titanium man. He is described as a person with enormous strength, who can shoot force blasts from his hands… And, he was born in Ukrainian town named Makiyivka. Dmitriy Muserskiy was born there as well.

Titanium man

Titanium man

Yes, 25 years ago, Russia got a real superhero. Dmitriy started to play volleyball when he was 8. His talent was exceptional, so he was invited to Belgorod at the age of 17. And there Muserskiy improved his game constantly. First in Lokomotiv, then in Belogorie… Until, last year when his harvest of trophies started. He seized a double crown with Belogorie and was MVP of Olimpics final, although he played as an opposite in that match!  His primary position is middle blocker!

At EuroVolley he was back at the middle of the net. Same thing happened. Dimitriy Muserskiy was named the best player of the tournament!

Titanium man was unstoppable.  

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