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Dinamo Moscow banned few agents from attending home matches?

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Volleyball agent Vladimir Kastornov published over the social network Instagram a list of agents who are not allowed to attend home matches of Dinamo Moscow.

List of agents

List of agents

The Russian website sovsport.ru contacted agent Kastornov and asked for explanation.

It’s not a “black list”. This is a list of people who are not allowed to enter the hall with accreditation. Maybe we have to buy tickets now for every match.”

Do you have your accreditation?

“Yes I do. Accreditation is still my property.”

What was your first reaction when you get the info about the “black list”?

“I was surprised. I still don’t understand why it’s necessary. I don’t know what is the main goal of this list?

Have you talked to your colleagues about the list?

“I get the info from one of the colleagues from the list. I don’t to reveal who talked to me”

You have many clients in Dinamo. What was their reaction?

“They laughed. No one gets this serious. Me neither. I’m agent, I have to attend matches. If they want me to buy tickets, of course, I’ll do that!”

Would you like to describe your relationship with Dinamo and is there something negative between you and this team?

“I definitely didn’t have any conflict with Dinamo. Of course, there were some difficulties. For example, if husband and wife can’t reach an agreement about who should make a breakfast, that’s shouldn’t be a reason for divorce. Someone wasn’t in the mood…”

Maybe someone thinks that you want to take your players from Dinamo to another team?

“It’s nonsense. Why would I do that? A player decides where he wants to go. It will always be his decision. Agent only helps to make everything easier and to find some solutions. My players in Dinamo have multi-year contracts”

Do you know why Yaroslav Antonov is on the black list?

“He is now coach of Dinamo Krasnodar. Previously, he had some activities in agency. I assume that he is still somehow connected with agent’s job” said Kastornov in an interview for sovsport.ru.

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