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#IAMINBERLIN: Marouf for WoV – “I’m not sure whether I go or stay in Kazan”

by WoV
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One of the best setters in the world Saeid Maoruf is the first Iranian who won the Champions league in Europe. His contribution to this trophy is huge.



“When I joined the team everyone talked about Champions league. We are very happy now, I’m personally very happy as well because I’m the first Iranian who won the European Champions league. The first match was very difficult. To play against Berlin on their court was very tough as you could see the hall was fully packed. They love Berlin. But, we have great players and the main difference between us and the other teams is our service. In every match is 50:50. In the third set, they were better than us. I entered the court and played with confidence as I usually play” says Marouf for WoV!

What was the main reason for accepting Zenit’s offer?

As I said, we have good teams and good players in Iran but our league is not popular outside of the country. I didn’t want to leave but Zenit’s offer was very special. Russian league is probably the strongest in the world. I didn’t want to lose a chance to play for Zenit. I have an experience and we will see what will happen in the future

Would you like to stay in Kazan?

I’m not sure about the next season. We have not decided yet. The club is one of the best in the world, everyone wants to play there. We will have clear situation in next two months.”


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