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RUS: Both Russian teams ready for European Games (LIST)

by WoV
source: volley.ru; Photo: gazeta.ru

The head coaches of Russian national teams in both competitions chose players which they will take to the 2015 European Games in Baku, Azerbaijan.



The Russian women’s team (“B” team) will play the group stage against the Netherlands, Bulgaria, Croatia, Germany and Serbia.

The list of Women’s NT of Russia by the head coach Vadim Pankov:

SettersAnna Matienko and Irina Filishtinskaya;

OppositesAnastasia Bavykina and Daria Isaeva;

Middle bloskersIrina Zaryazhko, Irina Malkova and Yulia Podskalnaya;

ReceiversIrina Voronkova, Olesya Nikolaeva, Daria Pisarenko and Anastasia Chernaya;

LiberosEkaterina Romanenko and Kristina Kurnosova.


The Russian men’s team („B“ team) will play in the group stage with Germany, Belgium, Slovakia, Bulgaria and Italy.

The list of Men’s NT of Russia by the head coach Sergey Shlyapnikov:

SettersIgor Kobzar and Dmitriy Kovalev;

OppositesMaxim Zhigalov and Viktor Poletaev;

Middle blockersIlya Vlasov, Ivan Demakov, Alexander Kimerov and Igor Filippov;

ReceiversDmitriy Volkov, Alexander Markin, Yegor Kliyuka and Sergey Nikitin;

LiberosAlexey Kabeshov and Roman Bragin.

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