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RUS M: FANTASTIC game in Moscow – Fakel defeated Dinamo!

by WoV

If you have the opportunity to watch the tie-break of the game between Dinamo Moscow and Fakel then you should definitely do that…



Simply FANTASTIC game in Moscow! Fakel made a huge upset by beating Dinamo Moscow after a tie-break… And, that fifth set was indeed something special.

Fakel escaped to 14:10 and had FOUR match points to finish the game. But, Dinamo Moscow managed to score FIVE points in a row and to take the lead – 15:14!!! The home team then had FIVE match points (15:14, 16:15, 17:16, 18:17, 19:18), but they failed to use any of them! Then it was time for Fakel to try again. The visitors went ahead at 20:19 and then used a counter-attack to finally close this unbelievable tie-break – 21:19.

Speaking about the other results, Zenit Kazan have clinched an easy straight sets win over Kuzbass Kemerovo, while Belogorie Belgorod lost one point in the clash against Nizhny Novgorod. 


Game Date/Time Teams Set Result per set Stats Videos
  13. 01. 2016 18:30 Ural UFA vs Yugra Samotlor NIZHNEVARTOVSK 1:3 27:25; 23:25; 18:25; 19:25    
  13. 01. 2016 19:00 Dinamo MOSCOW vs Fakel NOVY URENGOY 2:3 21:25; 27:29; 28:26; 25:22; 19:21    
  13. 01. 2016 19:00 Gazprom Yugra SURGUT vs Lokomotiv NOVOSIBIRSK 3:1 16:25; 25:15; 35:33; 25:15    
  13. 01. 2016 19:00 Belogorie BELGOROD Lokomotiv BELOGOROD vs Nizhniy Novgorod NIZHNIY NOVGOROD Guberniya NIZHNIY NOVGOROD 3:2 19:25; 25:16; 13:25; 25:20; 22:20    
  13. 01. 2016 19:00 Yenisei KRASNOYARSK vs Neftyanik ORENBURG 3:0 25:23; 25:18; 25:23    
  13. 01. 2016 19:00 Zenit KAZAN vs Kuzbass KEMEROVO 3:0 25:15; 25:21; 25:22    
  13. 01. 2016 21:00 Nova NOVOKUYBISHEVSK vs Dinamo KRASNODAR 3:1 25:27; 25:18; 26:24; 26:24  


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