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Gazprom-Yugra about the absence of 3 players – “Busy schedule!?”; Minister of Sport – “There should be no panic”

by WoV
source: R-Sport; Photo: CEV

Gazprom-Yugra will definitely be without 3 very important players in their game of the season, while the reason is quite bizarre...



As it was previously announced, Gazprom-Yugra will play the 2nd leg of the CEV Cup Finals against BR Volleys without Konstantin BakunAleksa Brdjović and Nikolay Apalikov. Since it is the game that will bring a valuable European trophy to one side, it was quite strange that the Russian team suddenly lost three very important players that were in the roster of their team in the 1st leg.

Everything becomes even stranger after the official explanation of the club.

“There are 18 players that have played CEV Cup games this season and the head coach is the one who decides who will play and who will not play. Secondly, we have been playing CEV Cup alongside the Russian Championship for three months, so we have had a very busy schedule. As we depart for Novokuibyshevsk tomorrow, we have decided to play the game against BR Volleys in this roster,” said Gazprom-Yugra head coach Rafael Khabibullin.

Of course, immediately after the announcement that Gazprom-Yugra will play the game without three players, the web got crowded with rumors that all of them might have traces of meldonium in their body. However, the Russian Minister of Sport Vitaly Mutko stated that this was completely the club’s decision.

“It is their right. There should be no panic. At this moment I have nothing more to say.”


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