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RUS W: Goncharova and Parubets the most productive in the 9th round

by WoV

Volleyball players Natalia Goncharova from Dinamo Moscow and Keenia Parubets from Uralochka became the most effective players of the ninth round of the Russian Super League.

Nataliya Goncharova


Both players scored 21 points in their matches against Leningradka and Zarechie Odintsovo.

The best blockers in the round were Julia Podskalnaya and Tatyana Shyukina with 7 blocks each.

Elena Kovalenko scored 4 aces in the game against Dinamo Krasnodar.

Let’s see the list of top players in the 9th round:

21 – Goncharova N. (Dinamo Moscow)
21 – Parubets (Uralochka-NTMK)
19 – Stalnaya (Dinamo-Metar)
18 – Yurinskaya (Zarechie-Odintsovo)
17 – Malykh (Yenisei)
17 – Podskalnaya (Dinamo Krasnodar)
17 – Smirnova (Dinamo Krasnodar)

Top blockers

7 – Podskalnaya  (Dinamo Krasnodar)
7 – Shyukina (Dinamo-Metar)
5 – Koroleva (Dinamo-Kazan)
5 – Fetisova (Dinamo Moscow)
4 – Vetrova (Dinamo Moscow)
4 – Vonogova (Dinamo-Metar)
4 – Grigoryeva (Sakhalin)
4 – Kutykova (Leningradka)
4 – Perepelkina (Dinamo Krasnodar)

Top servers

4 – Kovalenko (Dinamo-Metar)
3 – Goncharova N. (Dinamo Moscow)
3 – Koroleva (Dinamo-Kazan)
3 – Litovchenko (Sakhalin)
3 – Perepelkin (Dinamo Krasnodar)
3 – Scherban (Dinamo Moscow) 

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