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WL: Kolaković – ” Video check is great!”

by WoV
source: zurnal.rs

Long time coach of the Serbian national team talked about video check feature.



“It’s a great thing, we experienced it at European Championship in Denmark already. Still in Bulgaria we had “Polish version” of video check which gives you ability to take a look at block outs and net situations. Of course, games will have longer pauses but there will be no harm done for sure which is great for the visiting teams “, Kolaković said.

“Also if I might add, now the second referee doens’t have anything to do! So they almost never make any calls. That’s the only thing that bothers me here. They let the teams challenge the calls and don’t make them themselves anymore.”

“It would be great if those situations would be presented live on Arena screens so crowd can see and participate in it”.


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