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TUR W: Strong resistance from Galatasaray, Vakifbank barely won!

by WoV
source: Photo: vakifbank - twitter

The reigning champion had a lot of problems at home court against Galatasaray! But, in the end, Giudetti’s team scored victory 25-18, 29-27, 31-29!



Vasileva, Rašić and Sheilla had equal number of points – 15! In Galatasaray Caterina Bosetti had 14 points, Nadia Centoni added 13!

Eczacıbaşı Vitra took the win too! Bethania de la Cruz had 15 points for home team in win over Idman Ocagi!


Game Date/Time Teams Set Result per set Stats Videos
  13. 12. 2014 13:00 Fenerbahçe Grunding ( W ) vs Beşiktaş ( W ) 3:1 18:25; 25:20; 25:14; 25:14 STAT  
  13. 12. 2014 14:00 ILBank Ankara ( W ) vs Sarıyer Belediyesi ( W ) 1:3 22:25; 25:18; 27:29; 19:25 STAT  
  13. 12. 2014 15:00 Bursa Büyükşehir Belediyespor ( W ) vs Nilüfer Belediyesi ( W ) 0:3 16:25; 24:26; 14:25 STAT  
  13. 12. 2014 17:00 Bakırköy Bld. Yeşilyurt ( W ) vs Çanakkale Belediyespor ( W ) 1:3 14:25; 14:25; 30:28; 18:25 STAT  
  14. 12. 2014 16:00 VakifBank Istanbul ( W ) vs Galatasaray Daikin ( W ) 3:0 25:18; 29:27; 31:29 soon  
  14. 12. 2014 17:30 Eczacıbaşı Vitra ( W ) vs Idman Ocagi ( W ) 3:0 25:21; 25:18; 25:13 soon   

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1 comment

Ali Y December 14, 2014 - 8:19 pm

In the second set, after second technical timeout, two block outs of Galatasaray were ignored by referees. We heard the noise coming from Vakifbank blocks from the very far away, but the referee pretended not to hear it. Shameful. Vakifbank and Eczacibasi are protected by local referees and we are tired of it. Vakifbank is not used to objective referees, so they did not have the right to complain about them against las RC Cannes match. Coming to Galatasaray, Barbolini is not doing well in my opinion. We are already a small team, we have a 190 cm middle blocker, Ozgenur, but Barbolini keeps insisting playing with Melis, who can not attack either. Vakifbank is very tall team and they hit over Melis. Besides, Barbolini made Melis and Gamze play side by side. Not only Vasileva, Rasic or Sheila, Even, Gozde hit over the block. Pity. Barbolini usually changes the setter with taller setter, not the middle blocker with the taller one. He selected Ozgenur in the natinonal squad, but he makes Melis play in Galatasaray. Absolutely, strange.


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