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WCC W: Kim Skips World Club

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Kim will skip the 2012 Club World Champions in Doha, Qatar with her Turkish club team, Fenerbahce. Read more about latest volleyball news, games reports, and statistics on WorldofVolley.



Kim’s former Korean club team, Heungkuk, claims that Kim’s contract with Fenerbahce is NOT valid and playing for the team without FIVB clearance is a major, major violation of the FIVB rules. “It is seriously illegal that she moved to Fenerbahce without a permission from her Heungkuk. Fenerbahce did not check about her status following FIVB rules, and it has not been done yet. Kim has participated in various club tournaments with Fenerbahce WITHOUT the transfer certificate from the Korean Volleyball Association (KVA).” ” according to our source.

“The FIVB rule clearly states that players who compete for their professional clubs without the ITC or transfer certificate will be suspended from playing with his or her national team for one year.” adds the source.

Kim moved to Turkey last September 8th and she has now been playing for her team despite the contract dispute from her former club team.

Kim believes that is now a “free agent” while Heungkuk claims that is “on a loan” to play for other teams, ie Fenerbahce.

Per Heungkuk, the MVP of the 2012 Olympics only spent 4 seasons in Korea’s domestic league so she cannot consider herself as a “free agent” because you can only be a “free agent” player if she has played 6 seasons. She has played 3 seasons aboard (Japan and Turkey) but only as a “player on a loan” to play for other teams with our permission.

On the other hand, Kim’s camp states that she can not play in the domestic league since she is categorized as an option secession player but can play abroad since she is considered as a free agent. Therefore two year of contract with Fenerbahce is still valid.

Heungkuk posed another problem when transferring a document to Fenerbahce. They translated the document as ‘The Final Decision by Korea Volleyball Association” on the International Transfer Certificate of Kim instead of “Agreement on the International Transfer of Kim Yeon-Koung”. Heungkuk’s excuse is that it was a mistake and it was not intended to fabricate the official documents.



Korean Federation has asked the assistance of the FIVB to help settle the drama and contract dispute.

As of press time, it appears that Heungkuk is indeed correct with their legal claims which leaves the FIVB to EXCLUDE Kim from competing at the Club Championships which kicks off on October 13th. The FIVB has not granted Kim her ITC which means she might be prohibited from competing with Fenerbahce in the near future and/or she might also be suspended for 1 year due to breach of contract.

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