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Transform your volleyball training experience with video drills and training session tools

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source: VolleyballXL

Discover a range of volleyball drills in video format to inspire your training sessions or to swiftly organize your practice. Is this what you need? VolleyballXL steps in to streamline your volleyball training planning.

Photo source: VolleyballXL

Crafting an exciting training session on paper can be challenging. You might find yourself lacking fresh ideas or pressed for time to develop a comprehensive training agenda. If you’ve ever coached, or are currently a coach, this dilemma might resonate with you. However, did you realize that putting together an engaging training session can be quick and easy? VolleyballXL’s array of tools are designed to facilitate this. Learn about the offerings of VolleyballXL and take advantage of a special discount via Volleyball.it.

Drill Inspiration VolleyballXL
VolleyballXL presents a rich library of over 500 volleyball drills in video format, suitable for all skill levels, providing a vast pool of inspiration. You can filter these drills based on skill level, player count, drill category, specific techniques to focus on, or the tactical aspects you aim to improve. VolleyballXL’s repertoire includes not only indoor drills but also beach volleyball and fitness drills, each accompanied by a video. The platform regularly updates its collection with new drills each month.

Access the drills here. A variety of drills are available for free.

Training Session Tools
In addition to the extensive drill library, VolleyballXL offers a user-friendly training session creator. This tool allows you to design a training session by adding your chosen drills. It also enables you to plan future training sessions well in advance. For an even more streamlined approach, check out the pre-designed training sessions, ready for immediate use with your team.

20% Discount Offer
Want to explore VolleyballXL further and give it a try? Head over to their website and become a member. By using the code worldofvolley20, you can enjoy a 20% discount on all subscription plans. Follow this link where the discount code is pre-applied.

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