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Book THE WINNING VOLLEYBALL – Adriano Guidetti

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Twenty years later, in his third book, Volleyball 91, with the passion and enthusiasm as ever before, Professor Adriano Guidetti comes back to surprise us with a compelling and provocative text.



In the book of 192 pages, colorful photographs of the great champions in action and effective blueprints, the professor analyzes, comments on and corrects technical errors that cause the most common errors in sport, in service, offense and defense.

The guide with a wide program for younger teams, special attention is paid to the issue of conflict zones, the insidious problem of volleyball still remains unresolved.

Hence the exciting proposal of “Professor” is about the sides of the receiver and a defensive system to help minimize the errors of the conflict zones. Could not forget the contribution to his son Giovanni, now the coach of the national German and the vice champion of Europe and European champions Vakifbank TTelekom Istanbul, who offers a rich and an unusual variety of exercises used in his training. 



The book, the cover price of 25 € plus postage (7 €), can be requested directly to
Adriano Guidetti
Cadian on 258 / 6, 41126 Modena,
tel. 3396042684

or by writing to the following email address or by contacting the drafting of adriguidet@yahoo.it Volleyball.it: redazione@volleyball.it

At the time of the order the name and the full address must be given for delivery.
The form of payment is cash on delivery (delivery of the book then)

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