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KOR M: When single player wins 21 points in one set (VIDEO)

by WoV

Amazing match between Incheon Air Jumbos and Rush & Cash, in which last set was finished with result 56:54, is still in focus. Actually, if we call that amazing, what can we say about stats of Michael Sanchez?

Great scorer had 41 points in the whole game, but the fascinating fact is that Sanchez made 21 in that last set! It is a record of points in one set in Korea, and we are pretty sure in the whole world.

However, Sanchez didn’t break the record in total number of points in Korean league. Leonardo Leyva Martinez is still holding the first place with 59 points, while in the women category Nicole Fawcett is the number one with 55 points.

Have a look at all points from Sanchez in last set. Perhaps, you will have to click on youtube link to watch it. 

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