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10 Volleyball Commandments

by WoV
source: volleywood.net

Before anything else, this post is just for the sake of entertainment!


Bartosz Kurek

Here you go…

10 Volleyball Commandments:

1. Always play dirty.

2. Always pass nails and set nectar.

3. Never get “aced” on game or match point.

4. Never shank a pass.

5. Never chuck a set.

6. Never dink when there’s NO block! We repeat don’t dink the ball!

7. When the other team starts to play trashy then feel free to play trashier.

8. No jungle ball please!

9. Always close the block.

10. Make the kill.

So out of the 10 Volleyball Commandments, which one is your favorite? which one do you disobey the most? Hahaha!

If you’re a volleyball sinner, then you better start praying to the volleyball gods!


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