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Training Tester: Useful Volleyball Machine

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source: volleycountry.com author: Jiri Popelka

Diego Bighi is an author of great volleyball machine, the Training Tester. Training Tester will help you to jump more and become better volleyball player.



When did you get the idea to create and construct your training tester?

I had the idea to create Training Tester in 2005, I was in a volleyball training session and the team was doing jump tests with a normal vertec. Athletes were jumping, a coach arranged moved dipsticks, another one wrote heights of jumps, another one measured the time elapsed between jumps.

I saw that they lost so much time to make a simple but important test, so I designed a machine which solved all those problems… I developed the project in my graduated thesis in computer science engineering in 2007 and now I can deal in an Hi-Tech device called Training Tester which can tests athletes easily, quickly, safely and reliably.

What can we measure in volleyball with your tester?

Training tester can measure 2 important parameters: the first is the height touched in jump actions by an athlete. For every sport where the jump is an important element, athletes can jump through the detection zone of Training Tester in the way that their practice requires, for example jumps at arm length for volleyball players or with the head for soccer players, Training Tester displays in real time the maximum height reached with the hand, the head, or anything else. Immediately another athlete can jump. You can set the height of the detection zone using a remote controller and the calibration is automatic.

The second parameter you can measure with Training Tester is the time elapsed between 2 next passes through the detection zone. With this function you can train for example the rapidity in block actions displacements or between 2 next spikes or simple running, in every moment you can see these times in the real time on display.

In volleyball we need to jump a lot. How can your machine help us to improve our jump?

The best improvement you can see with Training Tester is related with motivational level: athletes, who can see in real time the height touched in jump actions, are motivated to jump more at the next jump, because it’s a sort of challenge between themselves or between other jumpers of the team. This is an approved kind of training. If you use every day the device, you can always see growing performances, consistent with the type of exercises you are doing in the gym.

Who can use your training tester? Is it good for all players or only for professional men´s teams?

Training Tester is used by national teams and by youth selections. In the first case for training and testing sessions, in the second case to detect physical parameters of young athletes. The minimum height detectable is 211 centimeters, the maximum height detectable is 389 centimeters.

Training tester in action:

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