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28. 04. 2017

Rosters of the best volleyball teams for season 2017/2018 worldwide (W)

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A really super exciting summer transfer window is in front of us and here you will have an opportunity to see the current rosters of the best worldwide female volleyball teams.


The information will be updated immediately after any of these teams confirm the transfer. Also, see the latest news about WOMEN'S VOLLEYTRANSFERS and rumors as well as the MEN'S VOLLEYTRANSFERS and rumors.


Setters: Naz (TUR), Cansu (TUR). Opposites: Sloetjes (NED), Melis D. (TUR). Receivers: Zhu (CHN), Robinson (USA), Gozde (TUR), Melis D. (TUR), Tugba (TUR). Middle blockers: Rasic (SRB), Kubra (TUR) Melis G. (TUR), Zehra (TUR). Liberos: Gizem (TUR), Ayca (TUR). Coach: Guidetti (ITA).


Setters: Nootsara (THI), Cagla (TUR). Opposites: Polen (TUR), Rahimova (AZE). Receivers: Natalia (BRA), Damla (TUR), Ezgi (TUR), Jerkov (CRO). Middle blockers: Eda (TUR), Bahar (TUR), Dicle (TUR), Beliz (TUR). Liberos: Melis (TUR), Merve (TUR). Coach: De Brandt (BEL).


Setters: Ognjenovic (SRB), Ezgi (TUR). Opposites: Boskovic (SRB), Gozde (TUR). Receivers: Larson (USA), Guldeniz (TUR), Hande (TUR), Meliha (TUR). Middle blockers: Adams (USA), Beyza (TUR), Busra (TUR), Yasemin (TUR). Liberos: Simge (TUR), Dilara (TUR). Coach: Motta (BRA).


Setters: Gamze (TUR), Nursevil (TUR). Opposites: Yagmur (TUR), Neslihan (TUR). Receivers: Kosheleva (RUS), Rabadzhieva (BUL), Cansu (TUR), Seda (TUR).  Middle blockers: Jack (TRI), Ruseva (BUL), Asli (TUR), Su (TUR). Liberos: Buse (TUR), Bihter (TUR). Coach: Guneyligil (TUR).


Setters: Roberta (BRA), Carol (BRA), Mikaella (BRA). Opposites: Monique (BRA), Nati (BRA), Lorenne (BRA). Receivers: Drussyla (BRA), Gabi (BRA), Gabi Guimaraes (BRA), Kasi (BRA), Pena (DOM). Middle blockers: Juciely (BRA), Mayhara (BRA), Vivian (BRA), Linda Jessica (BRA). Liberos: Fabi (BRA), Vitoria (BRA). Coach: Rezende (BRA).


Setters: Carol (BRA), Fabiola (BRA), Zeni (BRA). Opposites: Paula (BRA), Lorenne (BRA). Receivers: Tandara (BRA), Mari Paraiba (BRA), Neri (BRA). Middle blockers: Bia (BRA), Nati (BRA), Ju Mello (BRA), Ninkovic (SRB). Liberos: Tassia (BRA), . Coach: Luizomar (BRA).


Setters: Macris (BRA), Karine (BRA). Opposites: Hooker (USA), . Receivers: Rosamaria (BRA), Pri Daroit (BRA), Karol (BRA), Natalia (BRA). Middle blockers: Mara (BRA), Mayany (BRA), Gattaz (BRA). Liberos: Leia (BRA), Georgia (BRA). Coach: Lavarini (ITA).


Setters: Claudia (BRA), Ananda (BRA). Opposites: Fawcett (USA), Andreia (BRA). ReceiversFe Garay (BRA), Ellen Braga (BRA). Middle blockersFabiana (BRA), Walewska (BRA). LiberosSuelen (BRA), . Coach: Coco (BRA).


Setters: Wolosz (POL), Papafotiou (GRE). Opposites: Fabris (CRO), Nicoletti (ITA). Receivers: Bricio (MEX), Easy (USA), Hill (USA), Cella (ITA)Middle blockers: Folie (ITA), Danesi (ITA), Melandri (ITA), De Kruijf (NED). Liberos: De Gennaro (ITA), Fiori (ITA). Coach: Santarelli (ITA).


Setters: Lo Bianco (ITA), Rondon (ITA). Opposites: Zago (ITA), Pavan (CAN). Receivers: Starcevic (CRO), Chunlei (CHN), Martinez (DOM), Guerra (ITA). Middle blockers:  Guiggi (ITA), Stevanovic (SRB), Zambelli (ITA). Liberos: Sirressi (ITA), Napodano (ITA). Coach: Abbondanza (ITA).


Setters: Skorupa (POL), Camera (ITA). Opposites: Vasilantonaki (GRE), Egonu (ITA). Receivers: Plak (NED), Enright (PUR), Piccinini (ITA), Populini (ITA). Middle blockers: Chirichella (ITA), Bonifacio (ITA), Gibbemeyer (USA), Garzaro (ITA). Liberos: Sansonna (ITA), Zannoni (ITA). Coach: Barbolini (ITA).


Setters: Ferretti (ITA), Pincerato (ITA). Opposites: Barun (CRO), Tomic (SRB). Receivers: Bosetti (ITA), Montano (COL), Pistolesi (ITA), Vesovic (SRB). Middle blockers: Calloni (ITA), Heyrman (BEL), Garzaro (ITA). Liberos: Leonardi (ITA), Bisconti (ITA). Coach: Gaspari (ITA).


Setters: Startseva (RUS), Filishtinskaya (RUS). Opposites: Mammadova (AZE), Malygina (RUS). Receivers: Voronkova (RUS), Vasileva (BUL), Podoshvina (RUS), Kotikova (RUS). Middle blockers: Maryukhnich (RUS), Zaryazhko-Koroleva (RUS), Shlyakhovaya-Samoilenko (RUS). Liberos: Ezhova (RUS), Ulyanova (RUS). Coach: Gilyazutdinov (RUS).


Setters: Kosianenko-Pankova (RUS), Ulyakina-Vetrova (RUS), Babeshina (RUS). Opposites: Goncharova (RUS), Isaeva-Stolyarova (RUS). Receivers: Makarova (RUS), Shcherban (RUS), Khodunova-Krotkova (RUS). Middle blockers: Gendel (RUS), Sedova-Morozova (RUS), Fetisova (RUS), Lyubushkina (RUS). Liberos: Talysheva (RUS), Romanenko-Raevskaia (RUS). Coach: Terzic (SRB).


Setters: Mirkovic (SRB), Belcik (POL). Opposites: Zaroslinska (POL), Holston (USA). Receivers: Smarzek (POL), Busa (SRB), Balkestein-Grothues (NED), Medrzyk (POL). Middle blockers: Veljkovic (SRB), Gajgal-Aniol (POL), Bednarek-Kasza (POL). Liberos: Krzos (POL), Zenik (POL). Coach: Gluszak (POL).


Setters: Nichol (USA), Wolodko (POL). Opposites: Szczurowska (POL), Wawrzyniak (POL). Receivers: Murek (POL), Kaliszuk-Galucha (POL), Gierak (POL), Lozowska (POL). Middle blockers: Chojnacka (POL), Trojan (POL), Lozowska (POL). Liberos: Stenzel (POL), . Coach: Solarewicz (POL).


Setters: Vincourova (CZE), Polak (POL). Opposites: Grobelna (BEL), Czyznielewska (POL). Receivers: Grajber (POL), Twardowska (POL), Cutura (CRO), Muszynska (POL), Kedziora (POL). Middle blockers: Polanska (POL), Kakolewska (POL), Piotrowska (POL). Liberos: Durajczyk-Witkowska (POL), . Coach: Krzysztalowicz (POL).


Setters: Gajewska (POL), Kaczmar (POL). Opposites: Helic (SRB)Sliwinska (POL), Andrushko (RUS). Receivers: Kaczorowska (POL), Blagojevic (SRB), Sliwinska (POL), Rousseaux (BEL), Zak (POL). Middle blockers: Zabinska (POL), Ganszczyk (POL), Ptak (POL), Hawryla (POL). Liberos: Sawicka (POL), Borek (POL). Coach: Micelli (ITA).


Setters: Grbic (SRB), Jaksetic (CRO), Lesne (FRA). Opposites: Gicquel (FRA), Centoni (ITA), Laurie (FRA). Receivers: Kodola (UKR), Rankovic (SRB), Beamish (CAN), Cazaute (FRA), Bachelery (FRA). Middle blockers: Bland (BEL), Kloster (FRA), Bauer (FRA). Liberos: Ruzzini (ITA), Laborde (FRA). Coach: Marchesi (ITA).


Setters: Divoux (BEL), Dannemiller (USA). Opposites: Love (CAN), Spelman (USA), Davidovic (FRA). Receivers: Herbots (BEL), Markovic (SRB), Rueda (PER), Jeanpierre (FRA). Middle blockers: Abrhamova(SVK), Michel (GBR), Trach (UKR). Liberos: Soldner (FRA), Jaegy (FRA). Coach: Magail (FRA).


Setters: . Opposites: Hippe (GER), Nomikou (GRE). Receivers: . Middle blockers: . Liberos: . Coach: .


Setters: Opposites: Receivers: Middle blockers: Liberos: Coach:


Setters: Antonijevic (SRB), Kornienko (RUS), Zivkovic (SRB). Opposite: Calderon (CUB), Lengweiler (SUI). Receivers: Lazic (SWE), Dimitrova (BUL), Unternahrer (SUI), Samara (BRA). Middle blockers: Milojevic (SRB), Todorova (BUL), Schottroff (SUI), Lazarenko (RUS). Liberos: Popovic (SRB), Sievanen (FIN). Coach: Anderson (BRA).


Setters: Weiss (GER), Zatloukalova (CZE). Opposites: Horka (CZE), Cruz (CZE). Receivers: Emonts-Weihenmaier (GER), Kossanyiova (CZE), Trnkova (CZE), Nova (CZE). Middle blockers: Herelova (SVK), Nova (CZE), Tomasekova (SVK), Trnkova (CZE). Liberos: Kovarova (CZE), Slavikova (CZE)  Coach: Cada (CZE).


Setters: Hanke (GER), Alanko (FIN). Opposites: Lippmann (GER), Bettendorf (USA). Receivers: Geerties (GER), Szakmary (HUN), Oluic (SRB). Middle blockers: Barfield (USA), Scholzel (GER), Dumancic (CRO), Krause (GER). Liberos: Carocci (ITA), Lohmann (GER). Coach: Koslowski (GER).


Setters: Kastner (GER), Stoltenborg (NED). Opposites: Perovic (MNE), Van Daelen (NED), Scharmann (GER). Receivers: Wenzel (GER), Sandor (HUN), Mlejnkova (CZE), Schafer (GER), Daalderop (NED), Cesar (GER). Middle blockers: McCage (USA), Potts (USA), Micheli (BRA). Liberos: Pusic (SRB), Bodlee (GER). Coach: Athanasopoulos (GRE).


Don't hesitate to send us any information regarding these teams using the contact form on our website or via COMMENTS below.


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