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12. 01. 2018

SUI W: Volero will relocate to another country at the end of the season!

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The most successful women’s volleyball club in Switzerland ever, and one of the most famous clubs in Europe, Volero Zürich will relocate at the end of the season!


As Volero Zürich president Stav Jacobi stated for Blick, since the club’s results were not appreciated enough in Switzerland despite the fact that he has invested a lot of money and energy, he decided to relocate it to another country, 45 years after founding. The choice of Volero's head has fallen on France.

Eight-time defending champions of Switzerland, 12-time overall champions, will move their activities to a foreign country at the end of an ongoing season.


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2 Comments about "SUI W: Volero will relocate to another country at the end of the season!"

13.01.2018 | 08:41 |   Axe [unregistered]


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14.01.2018 | 00:55 |   stelune01 [unregistered]

Re: @Axe
no Le Cannet

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13.01.2018 | 19:05 |   Fan Volleyball [unregistered]

And in Serie A, why not, but there is a limit on foreigners, some Italians would have to move to Volero. It would look great too.

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