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21. 12. 2017

POL M: Ignaczak – “Leon should have won the MVP award definitely”


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The current World Champion with Poland Krzysztof Ignaczak has commented on the latest happenings at the Club World Championship.


In the finals between Zenit Kazan and Lube, I missed Taylor Sander. An injury prevented him from playing at the high level during the game. It seems to me that with Sander on the court, Lube would have had more chances. Also, I have to say something about the MVP award. They should choose a player from the winning team and that means, Leon should have won the MVP award,” explains Ignaczak.

Ignaczak is a retired volleyball player and he is well known as one of the first liberos in volleyball.


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1 Comments about "POL M: Ignaczak – “Leon should have won the MVP award definitely”"

22.12.2017 | 18:11 |   dee jae69 [unregistered]

i disagree with him, leon played good and they based the MVP not only in the finals but all the whole tournament so JUANTORENA deserves it. the way he said it, he is ANTI ITALIAN

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