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Aleksandar Atanasijevic tested positive on COVID 19

by WoV
source: direktno.rs

The Serbian star Aleksandar Atanasijevic has been tested positive on Corona Virus, announces the website direktno.rs.

Aleksandar Atanasijevic

Aleksandar Atanasijevic

Fortunately for him, he has mild symptoms of this virus and he feels all right.

I’ve been tested positive on COVID 19 CoronaVirus. I don’t know where I picked it up. I am trying to recall all the situations and persons with whom I was in contact. I hope I didn’t transmit the virus to anyone, especially my parents and friends. I am thinking of it now and I want to get out of this situation ASAP,” confirms Atanasijevic for direktno.rs.

Aleksandar Atanasijevic was in Italy during difficult days when CoronaVirus was spreading rapidly, however, he didn’t catch the virus. After coming to Serbia and after spending some days here, he was tested positive. 

I have a mild temperature. Probably my knee surgery got me into this situation since my immune system became weaker after the surgery. In Perugia’s hospital, I even had mild pneumonia. The doctors in Italy tested me five times and I was negative. When I decided to travel to Serbia, I was tested and was negative again. The doctors in Serbia have made examinations and they confirmed that everything is fine and sent me home for a two-week self-isolation. Obviously, we can’t relax until this virus goes away...”

We wish Atanasijevic speedy recovery.


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