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Mikhailov – “I saw the list of volleyball players’ salaries, Ngapeth and Atanasijevic can’t make those amounts”

Source: tatar-inform.ru

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According to the U.S. website gazettereview.com, Maxim Mikhailov salary is around 715,000 dollars and when you turn this number into the European currency, you will get around 606,000 Euros.


The Russian opposite doesn’t seem to agree with the U.S. website, saying the number for his salary, but as well for other players are not real.

I saw the list. In my opinion, the numbers are far from real. They are obviously too high. I know for sure that the players from the Italian championship can’t be in top five. Ivan Zaytsev can make it when we count advertising campaigns and his salary. However, Earvin Ngapeth and Aleksandar Atanasijevic can’t make the amounts that have been appeared on that website. Simply, do not believe them,” explains Mikhailov.

Check out the list of ten male players with the highest salaries in the world.

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1 Comments about "Mikhailov – “I saw the list of volleyball players’ salaries, Ngapeth and Atanasijevic can’t make those amounts”"

06.04.2020 | 03:40 |   Abdulganiyu [unregistered]

Ervin is my role model and I wanna play with him someday

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