29. 05. 2020

INTERVIEW: Wojciech Zalinski for WoV - "Away victory against Jastrzębski was a highlight of the season"

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Indykpol AZS Olsztyn had an amazing start of the last season.


They had a 7-1 winning run and Wojchiech Zalinski was one of the important members in reaching these results. Later the team had some ups and downs but we decided to contact Zalinski to get his analysis of the 2019-2020 season.

How did you spend time during the coronavirus outbreak?

I spent this time like the other people. In the first month, I was with all my family, we didn't leave home. I was the only person to doing shopping for necessary articles. Then after one more month, we started using our village house until now and mostly we are spending time there.”

Have you managed to stay in shape?

To be honest, the first month of the epidemic was terrible for me as an athlete. I was doing almost nothing of physical work, some time ago I started to run and riding bike to start work over my stamina. These days our government reduced the restriction for using gyms and I'm very happy that soon I'll start to work again.”

How this long pause can affect the volleyball players?

I think that it's not a big problem. After each season players who don't have challenges with the national teams’ competitions have similar breaks and everybody knows enough his body how to prepare himself to play volleyball again after a long break.”

You had 11-13 score in Plusliga in the last season – do you think that your team could have done it better at some points?

For sure we should earn more points. We had a very positive first period of the season with 7-1 and then we started to suffer and lost 10 games in a row. This embarrassing losing streak didn't let us stay in a high position in league ranking. Finally, we managed to get back and in the last period of the season started to play pretty well again, but then came COVID break and we will never find out, what could happen next.”

What was the best game in the last season of Indykpol AZS Olsztyn?

I think that the best game was away victory 3:0 against Jastrzębski Węgiel. It was the team who had beat Zenit Kazan twice this season, so our win against such a strong team means a lot.”

How would you rate your performances in the last season?

For sure I can't be contented of myself, because I had a lot of ups and downs and my performances were not stable. Especially my serve was really bad in this season and I already know, what about I have to work mostly before the upcoming season.”

Since you are staying in Indykpol AZS Olsztyn for another season, what will be the goals for the next season?

Honestly - I don't know. I already know the team's roster, even if it's not official yet. We have to meet, work and talk about our goals for the future. I have my personal goals, but it's nothing new, just to improve in comparison to the previous one. I hope that situation in the world will calm down and we will never again have to stop our competitions. Stay healthy, a message for all of you.”

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