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Gamova – “I am ready to leave volleyball for family“

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source: dinamo-kazan.com; Photo: cev.lu

Ekaterina Gamova was a guest on the Moscow radio “TV Centr“ where she talked about her family and personal life.


Ekaterina Gamova is enjoying in volleyball and love

“For the first time since the beginning of my career, I have a long rest. From May to September. This is due to the fact that I took a break from playing for the national team.“

What is a vacation for the athlete, is it junk food, doing nothing, or visiting night clubs?

“For me it’s rest – peace of mind first three weeks (on August 17, 2012 Ekaterina Gamova married to cameraman and producer Mikhail Mukasey). Then I started on the individual program to prepare for the next season.“

Is it hard to sence the views of other players waiting for you to win the decisive balls?

“No, you get used to it. You know how to work on the court, you realize that most of the balls will fly to you, especially in the end. I am treating this in absolutely calm way. Am I worried during games? I am, even though I don’t  understand how I get over it. That is usually at the start of the game, and as the match starts I get excited and forget about it.“

How did you do decide to play volleyball?

“All the free time in my childhood I had spent with my aunt, who was connected to volleyball. She was my first coach. So by the time I grew up, I put volleyball in first place, but I had no pressure, so I got engaged by it. When I asked my aunt, few years later, was she affraid that I would go to basketball, she replied that she was quite confident that I would choose volleyball. Basketball – this is a contact sport, and there I would need to do what I don’t love – to run.“

Did you find out from whom you inherited such a high growth?

“ From the grandfather. My mother was 1.78, and aunt – 1.82.“

Apart from physical activity there is the psychological pressure. Maybe coaches used to say that “you jump like a loser,” or “you won’t be succesful.”

“Yes. They gave me different epithets, but it did not cause children traumas to me.“

You said that strenght is not your basic quality. What is it then?

“Ability to see the court. Growth and jump. I can predict where the players will stand. I do not only need strength to play but also the head. The decision must be taken in a split second, and then you can understand it was good or bad. Volleyball pleases me because any action can be corrected in order to come to the desired result.“

Do you cook at home?

“If you can call it that… I can cut, clean, wash dishes, and it’s up to Mikhail to bring it to the final state.“

Was it love at first sight with your husband?

“No. It was a systematic conquest of me. It all began gently. With SMS messages. Then, correspondence, phone calls. First we met during the shootingof commercials, in which I participated. Then Misha came to Kazan on business, as he said.“

Are you ready to leave volleyball for the family?

“Of course. I am preparing myself for this for a long time. Mentally. Somehow, this moment will occur.“

Do you remember a time when the thought – volleyball is a good profession, I will earn money …

“It did not happen. When I was taken to the first team, I was just glad for my first salary.“

What happened to it?

“I put it under the mattress.“

Volleyball is not too feminine sport. I guess you did manicures last time for a wedding?

“We have everything  feminine, there are skirts and dresses. Even a manicure and hair before the games, too. And the form should ideally sit.“

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